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Badu Capital
Growing Badu Capital exponentially by generating and filtering leads in real-time
Badu Capital was onboarded as a Leadify partner in Q1 of 2022. Since then, our partnership has provided Badu with a substantial uplift in revenue, growth and profitability, allowing them to expand their workforce with the predictability, scalability and confidence that our vetted mortgage refinances leads provide.
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Wealth for life
Leadify's Impact: Driving Consistent Lead Generation and Sustainable Business Growth
Wealth for Life partnered with Leadify in Q3 2020 to diversify their lead sources and optimise customer acquisition. Since then, Leadify has provided a constant stream of high-quality leads, resulting in an increase in turnover year after year.
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Yappy Mortgages
Unlocking Growth: Leadify's Impact on Yappy Mortgages
Yappy Mortgages, a financial services company with over two decades of industry experience, partnered with Leadify to address their need to generate a reliable stream of leads and new business opportunities. To address this, they reached out to Leadify, which implemented a multi-platform paid advertising strategy and conversion-focused landing pages to generate customer inquiries.
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Quay Lending
Generating in real-time Auto Loan leads to scale Quay Lending's growth without cold calling
Quay Lending joined Leadify as a partner in Q1 2022. Since then, our partnership has increased Quay Lending's revenue by 10%, enabling them to look to implement a dedicated call centre to further optimise their lead generation efforts, and boost volume with the predictability, scalability and confidence that our vetted auto loan leads provide.
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Finimo Finance
Leadify's Impact on Finimo Finance: Fueling Finimo Finance's Growth
Partnering with Leadify in their early stages, Finimo Finance, a financial services provider with over six years of experience, achieved remarkable growth. With a focus on assisting clients in acquiring new or used assets, they have the goal to establish a strong lead generation strategy. Overcoming initial concerns about lead quality and pricing, Finimo Finance found Leadify to be a valuable partner. This collaboration not only contributed to revenue growth but also solidified their presence in the financial services industry. Finimo Finance can confidently meet their customers' needs while maintaining a satisfying return on investment, ensuring a bright future for their business.
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Hux Corp Finance Strathalbyn
Leadify's Vetted Subprime Auto Loan Leads Propel Hux Corp to Remarkable Growth
Since joining forces with Leadify in 2021, Hux Corp has seen a remarkable increase in revenue/business, resulting in expanding their team from 2 to over 15 employees. Hux Corp has consistently surpassed its monthly revenue target of $150k and, in its best month, generated over $213k, with more than $130k of that revenue coming from leads provided by Leadify. With the help of Leadify's vetted auto loan leads, Hux Corp can confidently and predictably increase their volume of business, propelling them towards even greater success.
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M4 Finance
From Start to Success: How Leadify Transformed M4 Finance's Lead Generation Strategy
M4 Finance partnered with Leadify in Q3 2022 to leverage their services for acquiring high-quality leads. Since the collaboration began, Leadify has consistently delivered a steady stream of leads of excellent quality. As a result, M4 Finance has achieved an impressive 400% return on investment.
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One Power
Generating and filtering leads in real-time to scale One Power's growth exponentially
Leadify provides ongoing web design and digital advertising services to One Power and has steered the solar company to reach record sales figures consistently, making it one of the largest and highest rated solar companies in Australia today.
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