How does it work?

Leadify helps your sales team instantly begin selling more by generating and delivering qualified leads at volume.

Step 1:
We Buy Traffic

Our professional team of full-time media buyers buy high-quality advertising spaces on social networks, native networks, display networks and search platforms to send premium traffic to optimised landing pages and funnels.

Step 2:
We Convert Traffic

Interested ideal prospects enter their details in our conversion optimised funnels in exchange for more information. Our funnels segment the traffic based on their eligibility status and answers. This all happens effortlessly thanks to the use of natural sounding language and designs that highlight service benefits.

Step 3:
We Filter & Refine

Internal systems and custom API integrations work 24/7 to filter your leads to check leads meet your eligibility criteria and check for any issues with the lead's contact details. This all happens behind the scenes to ensure you only ever get the highest-quality leads available.

Step 4:
We Deliver Your Leads

Our software engineers and developers connect your crm with our internal lead distribution software for real-time delivery of your leads. Plus thanks to your private Cobra Digital lead portal you're able to easily track lead quality at a moments glance.

Leadify makes it easy to get qualified leads.
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