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Frequently asked questions.
What is Leadify?
Who can benefit from Leadify's services?
What distinguishes Leadify in the market?
How does Leadify assure the quality of its leads?
How does Leadify integrate with my existing CRM?
Leadify X
What is LeadifyX?
How does LeadifyX differ from Leadify's original offerings?
Can LeadifyX be customised for my industry?
What payment options does LeadifyX offer?
How can I get started with LeadifyX?
Other frequently asked questions
How long has Leadify been operating?
How many companies are using your services currently?
What makes Leadify different from other lead generation companies?
Lead delivery
What do you mean by Integration?
How long does it take to set up?
What time do the leads typically come through?
What happens if I receive leads outside of business hours?
Pay per call
What are Pay Per Call leads?
How do Pay Per Call leads work?
What are the advantages of using Pay Per Call Leads?
How can you help ensure the quality of Pay Per Call Leads?
Can I customise the Pay Per Call Leads to suit my business needs?
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