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It's Time for Australian Lead Gen to Grow Up: Embracing Proof of Consent

The Australian lead generation industry has experienced significant growth recently, with businesses across various sectors seeking quality leads. However, this growth has been accompanied by an increase in unethical practices and lead fraud. A major issue is the absence of proof of consent in pay-per-lead generation, a problem largely non-existent in the United States due to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). In this article, we discuss the importance of proof of consent in Australian lead generation, how Leadify's partnership with TrustedForm is pushing for change, and the need for adopting TCPA-like standards.

The Australian Lead Generation Landscape

While the United States has effectively addressed unethical lead generation practices through the TCPA, Australia continues to struggle with this issue. Unscrupulous lead gen companies in Australia have been known to mix outdated data with fresh leads to reduce costs, which misleads businesses about lead quality and jeopardises their reputations and success.

Generating leads profitably is already challenging, and the race to the bottom with lead prices driven by unethical practices harms both lead buyers and ethical lead generators. These tactics create an environment of mistrust and scepticism.

The primary reason for this discrepancy is the difference in opt-in consent requirements between the two countries. In the United States, the TCPA enforces proof of consent for all pay-per-lead generation campaigns, meaning companies must provide clear evidence that a consumer has willingly given their information and agreed to be contacted. In contrast, the Australian lead gen industry has few regulations and even fewer consequences for those engaging in unethical practices.

The Importance of TCPA-like Standards and Proof of Consent in Australia

To combat lead fraud and protect businesses and consumers, Australia needs to adopt TCPA-like standards and make proof of consent the gold standard for pay-per-lead generation. The following are the key reasons why this change is essential:

Safeguarding Consumer Privacy

Requiring proof of consent ensures consumer information is only shared with authorised businesses. This not only respects consumer privacy but also helps build trust between consumers and businesses competing for their attention.

Enhancing Lead Quality

When proof of consent is mandatory, businesses can be confident that the leads they receive are genuinely interested in their offerings, resulting in higher conversion rates and a more efficient sales process.

Preventing Fraudulent Practices

With proof of consent as the industry standard, lead gen companies will be less likely to engage in fraudulent activities like mixing old data with fresh leads, thus ensuring that businesses work only with reputable lead gen providers.

Aligning with International Standards

By adopting TCPA-like standards and proof of consent, the Australian lead gen industry can become a global leader in ethical lead generation practices, attracting more international businesses and creating a level playing field for local companies committed to operating ethically.

Leadify and TrustedForm: Pushing For Change

Recognising the urgent need for change, Leadify has partnered with TrustedForm, a leading provider of proof of consent and opt-in verification services. Our partnership aims to demonstrate the benefits of adopting TCPA-like standards and drive change within the industry. TrustedForm offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to verify proof of consent and protect businesses and consumers alike. These features include:

Video Proof of Consent

TrustedForm's video replay technology captures a visual record of the consumer's interaction with the lead form, providing irrefutable proof of consent, deterring lead fraud, and offering businesses a powerful tool to resolve disputes.

Timestamps and Geolocation

Each lead generated through TrustedForm includes a timestamp and geolocation data, ensuring that businesses receive accurate, up-to-date information about when and where a lead was generated, making it easier to identify fraudulent activities.

Customisable Opt-In Language

TrustedForm allows businesses to customise the opt-in language displayed on their lead forms, ensuring that consumers fully understand what they are agreeing to when they provide their information. This helps to build trust and ensure that leads are genuinely interested in the products or services being offered.

Real-Time Consent Validation

TrustedForm's real-time consent validation technology ensures that leads are only delivered to businesses if proof of consent is verified. This eliminates the risk of businesses receiving leads that have not explicitly opted in, protecting both their reputation and their bottom line.


The time has come for the Australian lead generation industry to embrace proof of consent and TCPA-like standards. By partnering with TrustedForm, Leadify is taking a stand against unethical practices and pushing for change within the industry. We believe that by working together, we can create a more transparent, ethical, and successful lead generation landscape in Australia. In doing so, we'll protect consumer.

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