Connect with your leads for real-time delivery.

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Why use Salesforce?

Salesforce allows your sales team to follow up with leads and customers throughout the entire sales process. The CRM allows for powerful integrations with almost any large sales software solution and offers native features to help you manage your sales pipeline and increase revenue.

Why integrate Cobra Digital's leads with Salesforce?

Connecting Cobra Digital's exclusive leads to your ActiveCampaign account helps you track leads throughout the sales process and automate and streamline tasks and marketing efforts. Cobra Digital's leads be easily connected to your ActiveCampaign account with the help of our software engineering and development teams.

What else can Salesforce help me do with my leads?

Setup email automations and text messages easily without the need for developers. You can also easily import marketing, sales and customer support "recipes" for free thanks to ActiveCampaign's marketplace.

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Connect with your leads for real-time delivery.