Connect with your leads for real-time delivery.

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Why use Keap?

Keap helps you win more business and turn leads into repeat buyers. Easily follow-up, automate daily work, close more leads and organise all your customer information in a single platform.

Why integrate Cobra Digital's leads with Keap?

See lead information at a glance: emails, phone numbers, addresses and everything else you need. Allow your team to easily track everything going on and multitask with built in client outreach features. Cobra Digital's leads be easily connected to your ActiveCampaign account with the help of our software engineering and development teams.

What else can Keap help me do with my leads?

Keap intelligently provides you with extra features such as an app that integrates with Paypal, Stripe and more to automatically follow-up with clients regarding payments until they have paid. Create and track invoices sent to leads and see when they have been viewed and who hasn't paid on-time. Connect to Xero and Quickbooks for automatic syncs and keep all your business information connected.

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Connect with your leads for real-time delivery.